Our business is based entirely on referrals from our past clients and business partners. We don’t advertise so the only way we succeed is by making sure that we don’t just meet but exceed our customer’s expectations. Here is just a brief sampling of some feedback we’ve received over the years:


Thank you sooooo very, very much!!!  We are extremely pleased with your work, those in your office and others who were part of the process.  In particular, we feel extremely grateful for your work with us over the years to look at our unique situation and finding ways to assist us multiple times—those that didn’t work out in the end and the ones that did.  Your patience, care, AND expertise are highly valued!!

We will be looking to send folks your way!!

~ Jeff & Suzanne J., Mountlake Terrace, WA.

“I liked that Jasen took care of everything and I didn’t need to worry about anything. I want to thank you for everything – this truly was the easiest, hassle free real estate transaction I have ever had. I hope to be able to work with you in the future.”

~ Patti Brooks, Morning Talk Show Host, KGMI-AM, Bellingham, WA .

“I liked that Jasen took care of everything and I didn’t need to worry about anything.”

~ Adam F., Lynnwood, WA.

“Thank you and your team so much for your exceptional work! I had a really bad experience with my mortgage broker when I first bought the house and had basically sworn to never use one again, so I am glad Steph referred me to you – you have restored my faith! I will definitely pass your name along to anyone looking to refinance.”

~ Laura B., Seattle, WA.

“Jasen helped us with a unique experience because my mother was purchasing with us and he was able to help her have a comfort level that required an extra degree of attention and communication. We couldn’t have done it without him!”

~ Bob & Sue J., Bainbridge Island, WA

“Jasen was referred to us by someone we trust & respect. The timeliness of his return phone call, initial screening questions, and caring attitude made his several steps above the competition.”

~ Roxanne & Larcy A., Des Moines, WA.

“Jasen had the experience and ability to be up front and honest about what I coudl buy while still reassuring me that the loan would go through fine. And, he had a positive attitude and remembered who I was, too!”

~ Cindy A., Everett, WA.

“Jasen was very knowledgable & he gave his all for me.”

~ Wendy L., Bothell, WA.

“Jasen is always a true professional in all he does.”

~ Mary S., Seattle, WA.

“Excellent responsiveness, highly competent, friendly & excellent results! . . . Jasen rocks! A great example of customer service.”

~ J.R. & Mary W., Lynnwood, WA.

“We could tell Jasen had our interest in mind. He was not just trying to ‘sell a loan.'”

~ Kirk & Adrianne W., Everett, WA.

“Jasen kept us informed throughout the process and went above and beyond our expectations–also made us feel secure during the current market crisis.”

~ Mike & Kimberly S., Seattle, WA.

“Thank you so much for your guidance through this process. Your clear and concise and explanations of the market place and loan “jargon” made the experience painless. I appreciate your quick responses to all my questions, the carefully detailed explanations, and your patience with me to be certain I fully understood each step.

I thanked Betty F., too, for steering me to you and I told her you are amazing and would recommend you to anyone seeking a smooth and seamless transaction.”

~ Carol D., Shoreline, WA.

We recently had an opportunity to step in at the last minute and save a transcation that was on the brink of failing. Read the testimonial from the Real Estate Agent involved here: Marilyn’s Testimonial.

“Jasen really knows his stuff. Quick response to phone calls.”

~ Ryan A., Seattle, WA.

“Everything went smoothly and we appreciate all of your help. We are very impressed with how clearly you explained all of our options and made everything quite understandable. I will definitely pass your information on to any that are looking to purchase or refinance (we have actually already thrown your name and company to a few friends).”

~ Tod and Jessica T., Stanwood, WA.

“[Jasen] is very knowledgeable, stays current on the market & loan climate, is willing to answer questions & educate clients . . . he was the only broker I interviewed who advocated ‘safe & sane’ borrowing practices when everyone else was pushing very risky Option ARM’s just before the crash. I believe Jasen is ethical, honest, service oriented, and more interested in building a long-term, loyal client relationship than in turning a short term profit. I have recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Jasen!”

~ Anne G., Bothell, WA.

“Jasen is always available to us and so smart but never makes us feel intimidated to ask questions! Very relaxed when we were freaking out!”

~ Summer and Jeff M., Bothell.

“Knowledgeable, accessible, personal advice, informative, flexible, made time for us, timely feedback, efficiency, well above & beyond the call of duty! Jasen is truly one of the topin the business!”

~ Chris & Joan M., Mukilteo.

“Everything is taken care of and is basically a “no brainer”, simply signing a few things. All calls were answered. All appointments are made by you guys. It feels safer because we would have no idea how to approach this stuff & could get caught is some weird situation we wouldn’t be aware of or know how to get out of.”

~ Ben & Sherry P., Renton.

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service we have received from your firm. Not only was our paperwork correct and on time, but your diligent communication far exceeded my expectations. Working with you made this whole process for Joe and I way less stressful than anticipated. I will recommend your firm to everyone I know.”

~ Jennifer & Joe H., Shoreline.

“Jasen, Thank you for everything! This was the most seamless re-finance we ever went through. I have given your name to several people.”

~ Julie & Roy L., Seattle.

Addressed to a local Real Estate Agent:

“Your referral brought just an outstanding person! [Jasen] is efficient, warm, truly interested in meeting the needs and wants of the customer. With Jasen, this process was absolutely smooth. Because of your recommendation and our success, I pointed a neighbor of mine to him. She also refinanced with smiles.”

~ George W., Tumwater.

“Jasen was very knowledgeable and helpful when problems came up. We do not live in Washington and purchasing a home there could have been a real nightmare. We had a limited amount of time to complete all the final steps: appraisal, insurance, etc, and because it was purchased from an estate many others had to approve the sale. This took extra time to close the sale. Jasen was most helpful with the appraisal and insurance reccomendations and was patient with the final closing period being extended. We felt confident he was looking out for us while we were away and when in Seattle. He did a great job and worked hard to get us through the process as easily as possible.”

~ Tom S, Camano Island, WA

“Jasen, You are doing a great job! And I appreciate all your service and advice.”

~ Judy W, Stanwood, WA.

“[Jasen] made it less frightening than I had imagined–He explained and re-explained everything. He was upbeat, thorough, and simply wonderful to work with!”

~ Shelly O., Seattle, WA.

“Jasen answered all questions very well. He also was very willing to compare different ideas and scenarios.”

~ Ryan A., Seattle, WA.

“Personalized and very informative–I did appreciate the home contact and results were prompt and smooth . . . my sincere thanks!”

~ Joyce W., Edmonds, WA.

“Jasen was very good at walking us through the process and made it very easy. Everything was perfect.”

~ Eleni P., Seattle, WA.

“[Jasen] is an honest person to work with. When we had questions he responded back to us right away. Everything went very smooth. Jasen was very helpful. We look forward to working with him again.”

~ Orren & Patricia O., Burlington, WA.

“I like to know all of the options and I like the high level of detail . . . And I appreciated the flexibility with my many changes!”

~ Annemarie S., Lake Forest Park, WA.

“Jasen does what he says he will do.”

~ Scott B., Carnation, WA.

“It was so effortless and we qualified for more than we expected.”

~ Bill B. & Meg Z., Seattle, WA.

“Dear Jasen, Catherine and Glenn – Thank you SO MUCH for going the extra mile…I am so thrilled to be a homeowner-thank you for helping me accomplish this dream-I didn’t think it was possible and now it is. Happy Holidays.”

~ Becky B., Seattle, WA.

“Jasen was able to put everything into layman’s terms we could understand and we were able to make informed decisions!”

~ Curtis & Emily N., Lynnwood, WA.

“I’m very excited about how this homebuying adventure turned out, and I’d like to thank you for making the financing/loan part of this work so well. Dan recommended you as someone who was willing to spend the time explaining things to me. I especially appreciated finding out how and why the loan process works the way it does, which made it a lot less intimidating for me. I’d also like to thank your staff, especially Catherine. Whenever I get a chance, I’d be happy to refer folks your way.”

~ Mary H., Renton, WA.

“Jasen made sure I got an optimal rate at the time of my refi.”

~ Katrina S., Seattle, WA.

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for making this work out for us. It was a pleasure working with you and we will definitely be recommending you to anyone in need of mortgage services.”

~ Jessica & Clay M., Bothell, WA.

We maintain a file of every client survey we’ve received since we opened our doors. Clients are asked to rate us, in several categories, as to whether we’ve exceeded, met, or not met their expectations. We are proud to say that we have yet to receive a survey where any client has indicated that we’ve failed to meet their expectations in any aspect of the loan process. Rest assured, we’ll do the same for you!